Our innovation could
revolutionize today’s $100 billion
hydrogen market
Amazonica’s breakthrough
creates 99.999% pure hydrogen
in a single step
Safe, low-cost hydrogen
could be the best path
to energy independence
Cutting edge hydrogen energy
research and development
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We develop and deploy clean, sustainable and innovative energy technologies.

page2_pic1Despite the difficulty, expense and ecological dangers of current production methods, hydrogen gas represents a $100 billion market—and that is just the beginning. The major automotive, alternative energy and even oil companies are scrambling to develop and exploit hydrogen fuel cells to power everything from car engines to the industrial economy. The potential of delivering pure hydrogen safely and effectively represents the most significant energy opportunity since the discovery of oil. The size of the potential hydrogen energy market is virtually unlimited.

Amazonica’s system for producing 99.999% pure hydrogen—wherever and whenever it is needed—is a technological breakthrough. This low cost, environmentally friendly fuel source could transform the industrial economies and the developing world.